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Spread Pet Health Awareness on National Black Cat Day October 26, 2018

Waipahu, Ewa
Spread Pet Health Awareness on National Black Cat Day, Ewa, Hawaii

Black cats are such an iconic part of Halloween that it’s hard to imagine the holiday without them. From spooky décor to scary movies, they have been misconstrued as bearers of bad luck for centuries. Unfortunately, these superstitions can be damaging to black cat adoption rates and pet health. This October 27, you can celebrate National Black Cat Day by raising awareness and giving love to your furry family member. Learn more about the history of black cats in popular culture, as well as a few ways to promote National Black Cat Day below.

What You Should Know on National Black Cat Day

What Is the History of Black Cat Superstition?

The first instance of black cat superstition comes from the Middle Ages. In a time where women were being accused of witchcraft, cats were identified as their familiars. Some even believed witches could shapeshift into black cats.

Soon, tall tales were spreading throughout Europe. They crossed the Atlantic with New England settlers and were firmly cemented into American culture by the Salem Witch Trials. Sadly, these silly superstitions have caused a great deal of harm to pet health and well-being, resulting in attacks against black cats throughout history.

What Makes Black Cats So Interesting?

pet healthYou may be surprised to learn that black cats aren’t seen in a negative light worldwide. They were worshipped and revered in Ancient Egypt as the embodiment of gods. Killing a cat was a capital offense, and many were mummified like humans. In modern times, black cats are considered good luck in Japan, Scotland, and Britain. German superstition states that a cat crossing from the left is a good sign but crossing from the right is a bad omen.

How Can You Celebrate Black Cat Day?

While black cats are still seen as bad luck in the United States, you can help turn this superstition around. Support pet health and wellness by spreading the love. If they’re comfortable with it, dress your black cat up in cute outfits, take pictures, and post them on social media with the hashtag #NationalBlackCatDay. Share the reality behind negative myths with family and friends. Don’t forget to shower your furry feline with toys, treats, and affection.


Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital knows that black cats get a bad rep. At this Oahu veterinary hospital, you can talk to a knowledgeable veterinarian who shares your passion for animals. For over 40 years, they’ve delivered superior pet health care and medical services. Bring your pet to this full-service vet for surgery, boarding, dentistry, and after-hours emergency care. Call (808) 671-7387 or visit their website for more information.

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