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Why Termite Inspections Are Essential for New Homes October 17, 2018

Statesboro, Bulloch
Why Termite Inspections Are Essential for New Homes, Statesboro, Georgia

When you finally find the perfect home, you might be tempted to move in as soon as you can. However, making sure every aspect of the property is safe and livable is crucial before finalizing the purchase. This is especially true when it comes to pest problems. Have you had the house inspected for destructive insects like termites? Here’s why you need to schedule a visit with a termite control team and learn what’s involved in the report.

3 Reasons to Enlist a Termite Control Company Before Buying a Home

1. Termites Are Hard to Spot Without Professional Help

While some insect infestations are easy to spot, termites are one of the sneakiest insects to lay waste to residential properties. Once attracted from outdoors, they will nest inside walls, eating away at the wood planks and beams that hold your walls and ceilings in place. As thoroughly as you may study your dream home with the naked eye, you’ll need a professional termite control crew to check inside the walls and limit the spread of the infestation.

2. It’s an Inexpensive Way to Safeguard Your Future

You don’t want to purchase what you think is an asset only to find out it’s a major headache. If you accept the seller’s termite inspection from several years ago or simply take their word on the home’s condition, you could move in to find a strikingly different picture. In some cases, you might not discover an infestation until several years down the road, when the damage has progressed to a crisis level. To move into a house with a clean slate and build a home your family will treasure, schedule a termite inspection and protect your investment for a nominal fee.

3. Even If It’s Not Required, It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

termite controlIn most cases, your lender will require a termite inspection before approving a mortgage. If they don’t, however, you can still call for a termite control team’s professional opinion. Even if the house isn’t already infested, they can inspect the perimeter of the property to root out the possibility of future issues. This is crucial to safeguarding your investment, as some termite inspection reports only report sightings of damage in or on the structure. If there are hidden colonies lurking around your foundation, you’ll need to specifically ask an extermination company to find them.


If you’re willing to do everything you can to verify the condition of your future home, get in touch with Pestmaster® Services of Statesboro, GA, today. They will go above and beyond in their search for pest issues, nipping minor issues in the bud so they don’t become infestations down the road. For more information about their services that were voted best in Statesboro in 2017, visit their website. You can also call (866) 965-0733 to schedule an appointment.