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​Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Saves You Time And Money! June 19, 2015

Forked River,
​Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Saves You Time And Money!, Forked River, New Jersey

If your air conditioning system suddenly stops working, especially in the middle of summer, you’re looking at potentially costly and time-consuming repairs. Instead of suffering a catastrophic failure, why not engage a trusted company like ADE Heating and Cooling to perform regular air conditioning maintenance that will identify possible problems well before they reach critical mass? Here are a few issues that professionals can address:

  • Filthy filters: Every few months, a technician will inspect your air conditioners filters to either clean or fully replace them. If there are clogs or obstructions, the unit cannot work effectively or efficiently. When the air cannot flow smoothly, dirt can invade the evaporator coil and decimate its heat-absorbing capacity. The compressor and fans are more likely to break. Dust and pet hair can also impact the system’s energy consumption, which ultimately costs you money.
  • Worn belts and motors: During high use times of the year, your air conditioning system is working overtime. The unit’s belts and motors will certainly incur wear and tear. By regularly scrutinizing these pieces, a technician can monitor when gears need to be oiled and belts need to be replaced, well before something breaks.
  • Electrical components: A professional can check for corrosion and excessive attrition. Some degradation is to be expected, and that can be monitored during regular maintenance visits.

Whether you are a residential homeowner or in need of commercial air conditioning work, ADE Heating and Cooling is the first place to call. The family-owned HVAC contractor has established a reputation over the last 30 years for high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service in central and southern New Jersey. You can easily request a free estimate for air conditioning repair, heating repair or equipment upgrades online. Call (609) 693-6050 to speak with a technician during business hours.

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