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3 Essential Measures That Define the Perfect Pizza Crust October 24, 2018

Patchogue, Brookhaven
3 Essential Measures That Define the Perfect Pizza Crust, Brookhaven, New York

The crust is the often-overlooked or discarded part of a pizza. However, if you’ve been tossing those last bites, it may be because you’ve never tried a quality version. The next time you head out for a savory slice, consider the following factors about what makes those ends of your meal worthwhile.

What Makes a Praise-Worthy Pizza Crust?

1. Thickness

The type of pizza you want will dictate the thickness of the crust. Thin ones are common to New York-style and Neopolitan pies. Thicker varieties tend to complement pan or deep-dish styles. Preferences aside, there are a few factors to look for in any slice. Since it balances out the toppings, a too-minimal crust will droop. Conversely, those that are too large tend to overpower the other ingredients in flavor and texture.

2. Taste

pizzaFor most connoisseurs, the flavor is the defining factor. From the edge to end, the pizza toppings are the main course, but the crust has the final say and leaves the last impression. As such, it should maintain the flavor and consistency. Look for varieties that enhance the herbs and spices in those final bites.

3. Texture

Whether the pizza is meant to be airy, cracker-like, or thick and chewy, the texture has to match the style. For example, thinner slices, such as New York varieties, tend to have a crispy consistency. Thicker pan options, in contrast, should be chewier and softer.


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