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How Viasat® Is Building the Future of Satellite Internet October 4, 2018

Dexter, Stoddard
How Viasat® Is Building the Future of Satellite Internet, Dexter, Missouri

The modern world runs on broadband internet access, powering everything from home entertainment systems to airports and even parking meters. While most traditional internet systems rely on phone lines, cable networks, or other physical infrastructure, satellite wireless technologies are constantly improving, offering more choices for consumers in every corner of the globe. As an innovative industry leader, Viasat® is already building the future of satellite internet.

How the ViaSat-3 Will Revolutionize Satellite Internet

A Truly Global Network

Even the most ambitious wired broadband provider has to invest billions of dollars in infrastructure, which means many parts of the world are still waiting for high-speed internet access. The ViaSat-3 platform will consist of three satellites, each covering a separate area of the world. With one satellite dedicated to covering the Americas and Europe, another serving the Middle East and Africa, and a third linking the Asia-Pacific region, Viasat will be able to offer the first truly global network.

Expanded Capacity

satellite internetThe ViaSat-3 internet satellite platform will dramatically increase available bandwidth to both individual customers and large-scale commercial clients. With their advanced technology, the first two satellites alone should be able to provide more than double the capacity of all 400 communications satellites in orbit today.

Affordable Service for Everyone

Because they don’t have to invest in miles of cable installation, satellite internet will continue to be one of the most affordable high-speed broadband options available. This is especially important for customers in emerging markets and rural areas who lack affordable internet service.


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