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Why You Should Schedule Furnace Repairs Before It Turns Cold October 17, 2018

Coweta, Wagoner
Why You Should Schedule Furnace Repairs Before It Turns Cold, Coweta, Oklahoma

It’s fall! The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, and the temperatures are dropping. It’s also the best time to schedule any necessary furnace repairs or maintenance. Here are some key reasons to contact an HVAC contractor—before winter settles in.

Why Fall Is the Ideal Time for Furnace Repair

To Avoid Emergency Repairs

HVAC systems somehow always break down during the coldest week of the year. If this happens to you, you may have to request emergency service to bring the furnace back online. This costs a fair deal more than scheduled maintenance does, especially if the repair technician must venture out in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, spending any amount of time during the winter without heat could be dangerous for you and your family.

To Keep Your Home Comfortable

furnace repairEven if your system doesn’t fail, it still might not be working to its full potential. Age or disrepair can cause your furnace to put out less heat than you tell it to—making your visions of coming home to a warm and cozy house harder to achieve.

To Save Money on Utility Bills

A failing heater may use more electricity than necessary as it repeatedly cycles on and off again trying to keep up with falling temperatures. Moreover, if the burner is not working efficiently or if the blower is not moving hot air properly, you may also waste money on natural gas or propane. Timely furnace repairs and maintenance will make sure everything works as it should and keep your utility bills affordable.

Schedule furnace repairs or maintenance now, before the temperatures plummet. Contact County Line Heating & Air Conditioning, an experienced HVAC contractor in Broken Arrow, OK. They've been serving Wagoner and Tulsa Counties for more than 35 years and also specialize in central heating installation and air conditioning repair. Visit their website to learn more about the services they offer or call (918) 455-3463.

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