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How Learning Martial Arts Prevents Bullying October 8, 2018

Scarsdale, Westchester
How Learning Martial Arts Prevents Bullying, Scarsdale, New York

Learning martial arts can help children with their social development, even keeping them from becoming targets of bullies. Unfortunately, bullying remains a common problem in American classrooms with some 49 percent of kids in grades four through 12 reportedly being bullied at school. Find out how martial arts can keep your little one from joining this statistic.

Empower Kids Emotionally & Physically

martial artsBullies often pick on easy targets — what they see as the weak link. Instilling self-confidence in a child is an excellent way to prevent them from becoming a bully’s chosen victim. Martial arts teaches kids to overcome difficult situations; as they advance in their learning, their self-esteem rises.

Kids also gain physical strength from martial arts and learn how to confidently balance and move their bodies. As a loving parent, you hope your child never has to defend themselves in a physical altercation. Knowing that they have the physical strength and self-defense training to do so can be a relief to both of you, however.

Improve Social Skills

Martial arts learning requires kids to interact with other people, from instructors to fellow students. In “role play” sparring scenarios, they must speak directly and confidently to others. This makes for better communication skills, which can help kids develop socially and make the friends they need to keep bullies at bay.

Finally, martial arts will automatically provide your little one with a positive anti-bullying social sphere. Kids will learn good sportsmanship and the importance of mutual respect — lessons that will benefit them in the real world at any age.


914 Training Center in Scarsdale, NY, offers martial arts training for kids aged four to 17. This family-owned gym is all about creating a safe and comfortable environment where people can learn together. For their younger students, they focus largely on character building, discipline, and boosting confidence. Get an overview of their programs for kids online. If you have any questions, call (914) 437-5353.

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