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How to Prevent Septic System Replacements October 29, 2018

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How to Prevent Septic System Replacements, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

Your septic system acquires all of the waste that flows out of your house and filters it accordingly. The tank separates wastewater from floatable matter that rises to the top and solid waste that sinks to the bottom, forming sludge. Wastewater travels through perforated pipes into an adjoining drainfield where it percolates through the soil to avoid groundwater contamination.  Avoid premature, expensive septic repairs and replacements by knowing how to maintain this delicate system.

How to Avoid Serious Septic Repairs & Replacements

Get Your Tank Pumped

Schedule septic tank pumping every two to five years in light of factors such as number of household members and weekly water usage. Routine pumping prevents the tank from filling with sludge and causing problems such as soggy drainfields, slow drains, and plumbing backups. Keep a record of your tank cleanings for reference.

Flush Responsibly

septic repairDo not flush anything other than toilet paper, as septic tanks cannot handle foreign objects and materials. Paper towels, cotton swabs, and feminine products clog the tank and pipes, while household cleaning chemicals, coffee grounds, and tank additives interfere with the natural bacteria balance. Also avoid overloading your garbage disposal and pouring grease, fat, and oil down your kitchen drains, since they harden and clog.

Identify the Location of Your Tank & Drainfield

Know the location of your tank and drainfield to prevent serious septic repairs or replacements. Planting trees near tanks and pipes can cause infiltration and leakage issues, while parking heavy vehicles on top of septic components can also cause breaks and leaks.

Conserve Water

Stay aware of weekly water usage in your home to avoid overwhelming your septic tank and causing settling issues with solids. Spread laundry out over a period of days, limit showers to five and 10 minutes whenever possible, and use your dishwasher if applicable instead of washing dishes by hand. There are many ways to reduce water usage to help your septic system, utility bills, and the planet.


Work with the talented plumbing contractors at Walter’s Inc. on any septic repair project to keep your system in outstanding condition. Also specializing in septic installations and routine maintenance checks, this Ellsworth, WI-based company provides home and business owners across the region with efficient, competitively-priced services. Call (715) 792-5336 today to schedule an appointment or learn more about septic repair services online.

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