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Who Pays for Auto Glass Repairs When a Commercial Business Vehicle Kicks Up Debris? October 9, 2018

Hilton, Monroe
Who Pays for Auto Glass Repairs When a Commercial Business Vehicle Kicks Up Debris?, Hilton, New York

If you’ve ever suddenly had a rock strike your windshield — cracking, shattering, or chipping it — then you may have faced the quandary of trying to decide who is at fault for the damage. The situation grows more complicated when a commercial car or truck caused the incident. Here is a brief guide to figuring out who should pay for the auto glass repair and how to avoid this situation.

Who Pays for Auto Glass Repairs From Road Debris?

When a Wheel Kicks Up Debris

Sometimes the rubber tread on a wheel will grip a stone or other object and fling it backward, putting other vehicles at risk. This is not something any driver can control, and therefore no one is legally at fault for the accident. You’ll have to pay for the repairs yourself or get your insurance company to pay. The good news is that the incident shouldn’t affect your rates, since you weren’t at fault, either.

When Debris Falls Off a Truck

collision repairWhen objects like ladders and tools slide out the back of a truck, then the driver is at fault. This is because they had a responsibility to secure their supplies properly, and they did an insufficient job. They’ll have to pay for any repairs inflicted by their negligence. However, keep in mind that the driver may not know when objects fly out the back of their truck, and it may be difficult and dangerous to make them aware of this while driving, especially if you already have a cracked windshield.

How to Keep Yourself Safe

To prevent either of these situations from happening to you, watch the distance between your vehicle and those ahead. This is especially important if you see that a car or truck is carrying a load of some sort; even if it seems well-secured, accidents happen, and you should protect yourself from that eventuality. Also, be careful not to swerve if you see objects become loose; it’s best to simply slow down to reduce the impact.


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