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What You Need to Know About Excavation December 1, 2018

Kodiak, Kodiak Island
What You Need to Know About Excavation, Kodiak, Alaska

Whether you’re building an in-ground pool or adding extra rooms to your home, one of the first steps will be to clear and prepare the site for construction. An excavation contractor will remove any rocks and shrubbery and grade the land to prevent structural issues. When you schedule an excavation service, keep the following information in mind.

3 Helpful Tips for Excavation 

1. Permits

Before you can begin excavation, you must first contact your local municipal department. It’s mandatory to have the necessary permits for any type of construction. If your building is historical or located near a wetland area, you may also need additional permits beyond the standard construction one.

excavator2. Utility Providers

It’s essential to contact your utility providers before digging. They can send their technicians over to your property to map out the utility lines that are buried underground. This will prevent the excavation team from hitting any underground systems on your property.

3. Waste Disposal

Last, make sure that all the waste on your property is cleared out and safely disposed of so that the excavators can begin work. Hazardous materials, such as asbestos or lead paint, must be removed by a licensed and trained professional. Other waste materials, such as concrete or wood can be recycled. 


If you are looking to hire an excavation contractor for the initial stages of your project, the team at Golden Alaska Excavating in Kodiak Island Borough, AK, will ensure that your site is properly graded. They provide a wide range of high-quality services, from excavation and septic system installation to debris clearing and aggregate rock supply services. When you’re ready to discuss your excavation needs with one of their representatives, give them a call at (907) 512-0737. Visit their website to learn more about their full range of services.