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How to Prepare These 3 Different Cuts of Pork February 13, 2019

Honolulu, Oahu
How to Prepare These 3 Different Cuts of Pork, Honolulu, Hawaii

Next time you head to your local butcher to pick up some pork, consider trying something new. If you always go for the pork chops, why not try a brand-new recipe with pork shoulder? Switch up your meat-eating routine when you try one of these mouth-watering recipes.

Pork Cuts 101

1. Tenderloin

Tenderloin pork, known as the leanest of all varieties, is sliced from the muscle that extends down the backbone. While the leanness makes for quick cooking, many people tend to accidentally overdo it, which can cause it to taste very dry.

To perfectly cook your pork tenderloin, first season it with a delicious rub consisting of brown sugar, pepper, salt, garlic, mustard, ginger, onion powder, red pepper, paprika, thyme, thyme, and cumin, which will aid in tenderization. Then, use a thermometer to cook it to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, which will guarantee a flawless finish.

2. Shoulder

meatAlso called pork roast, as the name suggests, pork shoulder comes from the shoulder. The hearty, flavorful cut tends to be tough and full of fat, which calls for plenty of slow cooking. Inject the shoulder with a brine of your choice and rub it with some spice for an extra kick. Slow-roast your pork shoulder or braise it in the oven for a soft, tender meat dish.

3. Ribs

Pork back ribs may be smaller in size than spare ribs, but they actually have more meat and fat. Brush them down with plenty of barbecue sauce, which will make them extra tasty and prevent them from drying. Cover the ribs with foil and bake them in the oven at 275 degrees Fahrenheit until the tender meat falls off the bone. It should take about three to four hours.


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