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3 Factors to Consider Before a Custom Swimming Pool Installation November 6, 2018

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3 Factors to Consider Before a Custom Swimming Pool Installation, 10, Illinois

With custom swimming pool installation, you have every opportunity to create a unique fixture. However, the success of your design rests on the amount of research you do during the preparation phase of the project. Before you get to work on designing a custom pool, there are three important factors you need to consider.

3 Factors to Consider When Planning a Custom Swimming Pool 

1. Property Size & Layout

Your pool options are based largely on your property. While certain designs require large areas, some features are perfectly suited for small yards. There are also a variety of pool shapes available, but only certain variations are likely to work for your space. To avoid an underwhelming finished product, pay close attention to your specific lawn layout and size during the design phase.

2. Primary Pool Purpose

swimming pool installationEvery pool owner has their own reasons for investing in a custom swimming pool. For some individuals, the main goal is convenient, low-impact exercise, while others focus on family fun or relaxation. As a result, you need to consider the primary use of your pool before making your selection. This step also needs to include potential accessibility requirements, like access for wheelchair users or steps with suitable handrails for senior swimmers.

3. Desired Aesthetic Finish

A big perk of swimming pool installations is the visual appeal. Your yard undergoes a complete transformation during the pool, hardscaping, and decking construction process. The result varies based on the designs you select. To ensure you get the right finish, be sure to browse multiple options before you meet with your contractor.


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