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5 Ways to Prep Your Furnace for Winter October 25, 2018

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5 Ways to Prep Your Furnace for Winter, High Point, North Carolina

With winter around the corner, you’ll soon need to fire up your heating system to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the season. To ensure that your furnace won’t die suddenly on a frigid day, it’s important to have it prepped for prolonged use. One way to do this is by hiring HVAC contractors to do a check.  But, as the homeowner, you should also take a few steps of your own to make your furnace winter-ready.

How to Prep Your Furnace for Winter

1. Do a Visual Inspection

Check your furnace’s exterior for any signs of damage, soot, or combustion residue. Clean the access points of the system, but exercise extra care so as to not damage its components. If your furnace has a blower belt, inspect it for cracks and signs of wear and tear and replace it if needed.

2. Replace the Filters

Since furnace filters trap dust, contaminants, and airborne debris, they get filled and clogged with dirt over time. Replace disposable air filters with new ones at least every month. If it’s reusable, simply remove the dust from the filter with a vacuum and wash it with soap and water.

3. Check the Ducts & Vents

Like air filters, ducts and vents can also experience grime buildup, which affects warm air circulation and distribution in the interiors. Clean the air vents by vacuuming the dust and wiping vents down with a cloth to clear any remaining dirt.  

4. Clear out Debris

Ensure proper airflow by removing obstructions near the vents and ducts, as well as around the furnace. Look for clutter and piled up debris that could get in the way of air circulation and remove it. Flammable items should also be kept a safe distance away from the heating system.

5.Schedule Maintenance

hvac contractor

To keep your furnace working efficiently, schedule professional HVAC contractors for annual servicing. Technicians will thoroughly clean the heating system, fine-tune it, and replace worn out parts. They will also check for leaks or blockages, as well as test for fumes and emissions issues. 


Before winter sets in, have your furnace inspected and approved by the experts at Hunter Heating & Air Conditioning. Their team of  HVAC contractors ranks among the best in High Point, NC. To schedule an appointment for your heating and air system, call (336) 882-3367 or visit their website to peruse their full range of services.

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