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Do's & Don’ts of Celebrating Halloween With Mobility Devices October 4, 2018

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
Do's & Don’ts of Celebrating Halloween With Mobility Devices, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

From festive costumes to spooky decorations, the Halloween season is full of eerie excitement. But when you have a disability that restricts your mobility, there are many obstacles that can make navigating the holiday somewhat scary. Fortunately, if you keep a few precautions in mind, you can still find ways to enjoy the celebration in a safe and healthy fashion. To help you prepare, here are a few do’s and don’ts to follow if you use a scooter, wheelchair, walker, or another mobility aid.


Dress up your device.

There are many clever ways you can dress up yourself and your mobility aid—you can use a cane as a wand or potion-stirrer, a scooter can become a horse for you to ride, and a wheelchair can be disguised as a car. You can even consider choosing something to match your child or grandchild’s costume—such as the Batmobile for Batman or the Flintstone car for Pebbles and Bam-Bam.

Make yourself visible.

wheelchairIf you’re going to trick-or-treat, aim to go at a time when it’s still light outside. That way, you can easily identify potential hazards and make sure others can see you. If you dress up in a costume, choose elements that are bright and reflective so that motorists can see you in the dark.

Offer to hand out candy.

If you don’t want to go trick-or-treating, offering to hand out candy is a great alternative. As the keeper of the candy, you can dress up and take part in the festivities without having to worry too much about mobility obstacles.


Force yourself to trick-or-treat.

If trick-or-treating is on the itinerary for your family, understand that it’s okay to stay home if you’re not up to the task. In these cases, find a trusted friend or family member to help take kids around. If you want to participate but not go door-to-door to different homes, consider driving your family around to different destinations.

Wear a restrictive costume.

While there are numerous costume ideas for those using mobility aids, it’s important to choose those that won’t impede motion or get tangled up in wheels. Additionally, avoid wearing tight clothing that can restrict circulation, as this may cause nerve pain and numbness.

Trick-or-treat on difficult terrains.

When choosing neighborhoods to trick-or-treat, be strategic. For instance, it can be easier to move around if you travel through areas that are well-lit and are relatively flat. Many malls and shopping centers host Halloween events that are easily accessible for those using wheelchairs, scooters, or other devices.


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