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How Visiting the Chiropractor Can Help You Avoid the Flu October 18, 2018

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How Visiting the Chiropractor Can Help You Avoid the Flu , Rosemount, Minnesota

Cold and flu season is officially here. While you may not be able to avoid getting through the autumn and winter without a sick day or at least a few sniffles, you may be able to stave off the flu virus. In addition to getting your flu shot, eating healthily, and drinking plenty of fluids, visiting your chiropractor may help too. Here’s how. 

How Can You Stop the Flu?

Unlike a cold, the flu is a virus, which doesn’t work the same way as bacteria or other infections. It doesn’t respond to antibiotics, and antivirals only work if you catch it very early on. The best way to stop the flu is to boost your immune system and limit your exposure by avoiding sick people as much as possible, washing your hands, and keeping your environment clean. 

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

Chiropractic adjustments keep your spine aligned and prevent pinched nerves, which can close off the nervous system pathways between your organs and brain. Pinched nerves, or vertebral subluxations, occur when the body is stressed and responds with muscle spasms and locked vertebrae. The result is diminished control of the body’s defenses, putting you at higher risk of infection. Keeping these pathways open is crucial to immune system health.

Chiropractic adjustments by your chiropractor can also help you heal faster when you get sick. Even with a healthy spine, you may be susceptible to viruses and infections, such as the stomach flu. When your body is healthy and uninhibited by other ailments, such as a misaligned spine and back pain, you have more energy to fight off infection and viruses. You’re also likely to get better sleep when you are not experiencing back and neck pain or stiffness; getting quality sleep during cold and flu season can significantly improve your ability to stave off illness.


Rosemount Chiropractic in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, is one of the area’s most trusted chiropractors. From boosting your immune system to chronic pain relief, they can help you achieve optimal health and wellness this winter and throughout the new year. In addition to spinal adjustments, they also provide acupuncture and rehabilitative therapy. Call (651) 423-2251 to schedule an appointment today, or visit them online.

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