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Is a Kitchen Island a Good Design Choice for You? October 15, 2018

Marlboro, Monmouth County
Is a Kitchen Island a Good Design Choice for You?, Marlboro, New Jersey

As one of the busiest gathering spots in the home, the kitchen has evolved to accommodate various eating and cooking preferences. One popular addition is the kitchen island. But, is it an ideal renovation choice? Here are some helpful ways to determine whether an island is the right kitchen remodeling inclusion for your space.

How to Decide on Installing a Kitchen Island

Available Space

Putting an island in an already-cramped room can limit movement. Kitchen remodeling designers advise clients to allow at least three feet of open space between existing cabinets. A professional contractor will help determine if there is enough square footage to install an island without impeding on existing appliances and other kitchen structures.

Preferred Amenities

kitchen remodelingAnother factor to consider is the purpose of the island. Do you want or need the extra space for food preparation? Is there room to include a grill or sink? Write down the reasons why you want the island, and make a list of your preferred amenities. Putting your kitchen remodeling desires on paper will help determine if an island or some alternative structure will fulfill your wishes.


Whether you decide on a standard island or prefer something more high-end, your budget will dictate which one makes more financial sense. It helps to review your preferred amenities and decide if some features can be scratched off the list. Or, you may want to splurge on all the bells and whistles. The key is to create a budget and determine if there’s flexibility to add items that may cost more.


There are a host of design considerations when it comes to a kitchen island. The countertop material, cabinetry, and fixtures are just a few of the items to think about. You’ll likely want to go with materials that are durable and require minimal maintenance. A kitchen remodeling specialist can share ideas and help you determine which ones are feasible.


The decision to have a kitchen island installed requires a bit of homework. With some professional guidance and design choices, the process doesn’t have to be intimidating. For over 35 years, A&E Kitchen and Bath Design Center in Marlboro, NJ, has been Monmouth County’s revered resource for beautiful kitchen remodeling projects. The family-owned firm’s team of expert designers, contractors, and installers specialize in impeccable craftsmanship and complete customer satisfaction. In fact, their philosophy is, “people come as customers and leave as family.” If you’ve been thinking about a kitchen island installation, call (732) 677-3977 to speak with a friendly representative. Visit the website for information on the complete suite of remodeling services. Check out their Facebook page to view photos of completed projects.