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4 Plumbing Maintenance Suggestions for New Homeowners October 3, 2018

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4 Plumbing Maintenance Suggestions for New Homeowners, Ontario, New York

Moving into a house for the first time is one of life’s most thrilling milestones. At last, the homeowners have a spot in the world to call their own and the freedom to decorate without restrictions. One area that requires special attention is the property’s plumbing system. If you’ve recently made the transition to homeownership, here is a helpful pipe maintenance guide.

4 Plumbing Tips for New Homeowners

1. Protect Pipes in the Winter

Frozen water in pipes will likely cause the plumbing to burst. The rupture can lead to dangerous floods throughout the home. Avoid this devastating scenario by letting the faucets drip a bit. This will keep pressure from building in the pipes and reduce the chance of a burst. You can also cover plumbing in drafty areas with fiberglass sleeves or foam rubber to keep them insulated from cold air.

2. Find the Water Shut-Off Valve

plumbingKnowing where the home’s main water shut-off valve is can prevent costly floods. It’s typically located in the crawl space under the house or in the basement. Turning it off means turning off all water channels throughout the home. If there is a plumbing leak or burst, shutting off the valve will stop gallons of water from spewing everywhere. Plumbers also advise turning off the valve if homeowners plan to go away for vacation.

3. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Ideally, it’s best to have all plumbing systems inspected before closing and moving in. This crucial step can help identify any problems early so that the seller can pay for the repairs. Once moved in, establish a regular service and maintenance schedule with a professional plumber. These visits typically include a complete inspection for any leaks and other damage. Spotting trouble spots early can help prevent clogs later.

4. Check for Mold & Mildew

One telltale sign of a plumbing leak is the presence of mold and mildew, which thrives in damp and dark areas. Carefully check bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements for the bacteria spores. They are typically black and found on walls and ceilings. An experienced plumber can determine if a damaged pipe is the cause of mold and mildew.


As a new homeowner, the last thing you want to worry about is bad plumbing. Protect your house from leaks by partnering with a trusted plumber. Since 1972, John Lockwood Plumbing in Ontario, NY, has been the local firm that residents and business owners call on for professional installation, maintenance, and repair services. The team of licensed plumbers has extensive knowledge to help keep your home safe and dry. To schedule an inspection of your house’s plumbing and receive a free estimate, call (585) 265-0736. Visit the website for information on the full lineup of services, including water heater replacement. For your convenience, the firm serves the greater Rochester area and surrounding counties including Monroe, Ontario, and Wayne.

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