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Home Care Tips After Wisdom Tooth Extraction  October 4, 2018

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Home Care Tips After Wisdom Tooth Extraction , Haslet, Texas

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common dental procedure that millions of Americans undergo each year. Many adults will need these rear molars removed in their late teens or 20s. Although it can be an uncomfortable process, recovery time is minimal if you follow the home care tips below.

Recovery for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

1. Pain Management

After the anesthetic wears off, there will be some pain, swelling, and bleeding. Use an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen or your prescribed medication to manage pain. Take as directed by your dentist or package instructions. If the pain is extreme, or if there is an excessive amount of bleeding or swelling, contact your dentist or surgeon.

2. Food

Prepare for your procedure by having nutritious, soft foods available. Pureed soups, smoothies, or other soft foods are necessary for the first few days. Consume food and drink at room temperature when possible as extremely hot or cold items may irritate the removal site. Protein or nutrition shakes are a good option, too. Your body will need proper nutrition to support healing and recovery, so remember to include fruits, vegetables, and proteins into your post-operative diet.

wisdom teeth extraction3. Oral Care

As long as the bleeding continues, you will need to gently remove and replace the gauze in your mouth to prevent the spread of oral germs into the incision. Once the bleed has stopped, you can resume your brushing routine, being gentle near the back of your mouth and avoiding the removal site as much as possible. Additionally, you will need to rinse your mouth with salt water throughout the day to kill germs without disrupting the stitches.

4. Follow-Up Visit

The dentist or surgeon will schedule a follow-up visit after the wisdom teeth extraction. They will check gums for proper healing and monitor it for signs of infection. Don’t skip this appointment even if you feel fine because symptoms of an infection or improper healing may not be present immediately.


Alliance Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery serves Keller, TX, for all types of extractions and oral surgery. They specialize in wisdom teeth extraction, jaw surgery, dental implants, trauma to teeth, and soft tissue facial injuries. Doctors Macholl and Parmer, along with their compassionate support staff, offer high-quality care for the Keller and Fort Worth community. Call (817) 741-2200 to make an appointment, and visit the website to learn more about their staff, services, and new patient intake.

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