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3 Reasons Why the Dormant Season Is the Best Time for Tree Trimming October 23, 2018

Marshan, Dakota
3 Reasons Why the Dormant Season Is the Best Time for Tree Trimming, Marshan, Minnesota

If you want to keep flora healthy and landscaping looking well-kept, you need to carry out tree trimming a few times a year. Pruning trees is a delicate task, though, and should only be done during certain times of the year. The dormant season — late October through March — is one of those times. Here's why. 

Why the Dormant Season Is the Best Time to Trim Oak & Fruit Trees

1. Avoid Infection

Trees that are pruned during the growing season, which typically starts in April and runs into mid-September, are susceptible to infections due to the stress healing while growing places on the perennials. Pruning during the dormant season ensures the tree has time to heal before growing. Additionally, precise cuts are easier during the winter months as there won’t be much foliage on the branches.

2. Fewer Insects

tree trimmingIn addition to feeding on the leaves and bark, many bugs carry harmful viruses and fungi. Oak trees, for example, are susceptible to oak wilt, a lethal disease that can kill a tree within a month. The ailment is often spread when the sap beetle transfers fungal spores into damaged parts of a tree. Tree trimming during dormant season minimizes the chances that insects will get into the tree's wounds, as bug populations and activity decrease when temperatures drop. 

3. Spring Aesthetics

In addition to looking out for the health of the plant, tree trimming in the dormant season sets them up to heal and flourish as soon as growing season resumes in early April.


For more than four decades, residents of greater Hastings, MN, have relied on the dedication and expertise of Rivertown Tree Service for all their landscaping needs. The team handles everything from tree trimming and stump grinding to land clearing and storm damage cleanup. Visit the small business's website to learn more about their services, or call the team directly at (651) 438-3704. 

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