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Burial or Cremation: Which One Should You Choose? October 23, 2018

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Burial or Cremation: Which One Should You Choose?, Mebane, North Carolina

The decision between burial and cremation can be a sensitive topic. Careful consideration must be paid to ensure the best option is chosen for the deceased and their loved ones. Cremation has become the most popular option in recent years, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right one for everyone. When it comes to deciding between burial or cremation, the following information can help offer some insight into this personal decision.

Factors to Consider Between Burial & Cremation

The Deceased’s Religious Background

cremationMost religions widely accept burial, but some believe cremation conflicts with their core beliefs. For example, cremation is a practice forbidden by Orthodox Judaism and Islam. If you’re uncertain of a particular religion’s beliefs, a funeral director can help you research and make a determination.

Ecological Impact

The environmental impact of both burial and cremation can also make a difference to those who pass or who make this important decision. Proponents of cremation believe it preserves land, while advocates of burial give credence to the idea that emissions are released during the cremation process. If ecological impact is a concern, ask your funeral director about the most biodegradable caskets; alkaline hydrolysis, a green form of cremation, may also be another avenue to investigate. 

Personal Preferences

Personal preferences of the deceased and their family should also be considered. If the deceased expressed either written or verbal wishes for their body after death, these wishes should be honored to the best of the family’s abilities. However, if the loved one who has passed shared no preferences, those who knew them well and were familiar with their beliefs and preferences can offer their insights to assist in a decision. 


Anyone interested in learning more about burial or cremation can ask the compassionate staff at Walker’s Funeral Home & Crematory of Mebane in Mebane, NC. For almost 100 years, this funeral home has aided the community in planning and pre-planning funeral services. Call (919) 563-9211 to speak with a caring representative or visit them online for information on their funeral planning services.

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