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4 Diabetic Eye Issues & How Your Eye Care Professional Can Help October 10, 2018

Oakley, Cincinnati
4 Diabetic Eye Issues & How Your Eye Care Professional Can Help, Cincinnati, Ohio

Diabetes is associated with a wide variety of other health issues. Eye problems in particular are common among diabetics, and they may range from minor to severe. Below, your local eye care professionals explain more about how diabetes affects your eyesight. 

How Does Diabetes Affect Your Eyes?

Blurry Vision

People who suffer from diabetes might experience blurry vision from time to time. In many cases, this is the result of lens swelling due to high blood sugar. If you continue to have trouble seeing after your blood sugar levels normalize, you may need prescription glasses. Make an eye care appointment as soon as possible. 


eye careCataracts are characterized by debris that develops on the lenses of the eyes, impairing the ability to focus and causing glares. They are extremely common among diabetics. In fact, those with diabetes usually experience more serious symptoms and develop them earlier in life. As soon as you suspect you might have cataracts, schedule corrective laser surgery with your local eye doctor. 

Diabetic Retinopathy

Over time, high blood sugar damages the blood vessels behind the eyes, preventing them from properly receiving light. This is known as diabetic retinopathy and may result in loss of vision or even total blindness if not treated quickly. The best prevention method is to keep your blood sugar levels in equilibrium. Visit your eye care doctor if you notice any changes in your vision.


Glaucoma occurs when pressure from excess fluid builds up within the eyes, causing damage to the nerves and blood vessels. Prescription drugs are typically effective in helping the eyes drain and restoring your vision. If you experience frequent headaches, eye pain, blurry vision, or difficulty seeing, ask your ophthalmologist if you might be a good candidate for laser surgery. 


If you have pre-existing health issues known to affect the eyes, Wing Eyecare will make sure your vision remains clear. These eye doctors offer routine exams, prescription glasses, contacts, and treatment services to clients throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. Call them at (888) 274-9464 today to book an eye care appointment. Visit their website to take advantage of special offers and find out more information. 

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