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How Repairing a Chipped Windshield Can Save Your Life June 16, 2015

Cincinnati, Hamilton
How Repairing a Chipped Windshield Can Save Your Life, Cincinnati, Ohio

A small chip on your windshield looks harmless enough. After all, how much of an impact could a tiny chip really have on your day-to-day driving experience? While a windshield chip may not cause any problems in your vision or driving, it does leave you and your passengers at risk. If you have a chipped windshield and live in the greater Lawrenceburg, IN area, then get your windshield repaired at Glasspro. The local business—a member of the National Glass Association and the Better Business Bureau—is your best choice for every auto glass repair and windshield replacement need.

Consider these four ways that even the smallest windshield crack leaves you and your passengers at risk:

  1. Airbag Deployment: When your passenger airbag deploys, it hits the windshield and then pushes towards the passenger to protect them. A chipped windshield can crack under the impact of the airbag and interfere with its ability to function as it's supposed to.
  2. Front-End Collision: When you are involved in a front-end collision, then your windshield helps divert the impact by transferring energy and supporting the overall structure of the vehicle. A chipped windshield can crack in a collision, resulting in more damage to other parts of the vehicle.
  3. Car Rollover: If your car topples over in an accident, the windshield supports the roof and may prevent it from caving in. A chipped windshield is more susceptible to cracking in this scenario, resulting in a crushed roof.
  4. Further Damage: Even if you are not in an accident, the weather and other miscellaneous factors can turn your chip into a bigger problem like a crack.

The skilled technicians at Glasspro follow proper glass replacement safety standards and offer a leak-free guarantee and a lifetime warranty on their work. Learn more about Glasspro by giving them a call at (513) 874-6559.

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