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4 Benefits of After School Child Care for Busy Parents October 3, 2018

East New York, Brooklyn
4 Benefits of After School Child Care for Busy Parents, Brooklyn, New York

Daycare doesn’t have to stop once your kids start kindergarten. In fact, sending your young ones to a child care center is quite convenient, especially for single parents on the go. Here are some of the benefits of choosing an after-school daycare.

4 Perks of Sending School-Aged Kids to a Child Care Center

1. Run Your Errands

After school programs for your children give you more time to tackle your to-do list. For instance, you could use the extra hours to go grocery shopping, stop by the bank, get an oil change, and complete any other important tasks you’d normally struggle to fit into your schedule. 

2. Work Longer Hours

If you’re a single parent, then sending your kids to a child care center will permit you to spend more time at your job. Rather than having to leave early to pick up your children from school, you can stay on the clock and make more money to provide for your family. 

child care3. Get Involved In Your Kid’s School

When you send your kids to a child care center, you’ll be able to attend after-school PTA meetings and functions. Parents who get involved are better equipped to help their kids adjust to school. Your children are more likely to succeed when you go to parent-teacher conferences and keep track of their progress. 

4. Take Care of Things At Home

After school programs also provide you with the opportunity to clean up around the house. Take care of chores, reorganizing, and decluttering to make your space more pleasant for you and your kids. Mow your lawn and clean out your pool for more enjoyable outdoor time with the family.  


Make room in your busy schedule by signing your little ones up for child care at God is Daycare Center. They offer school prep, after school, and summer programs to all of Brooklyn, NY. Call them at (347) 512-8966 today to enroll your kids in child care. Visit them online to learn more about how they plan to engage and challenge your children. 

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