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How Does the Jamb Patch Benefit Community Pools? November 6, 2018

Brighton, Livingston
How Does the Jamb Patch Benefit Community Pools?, Brighton, Michigan

Pool maintenance typically focuses on what’s inside the pool, meaning water quality and chemical balance. However, the surrounding equipment is just as important. Corroded metal door frames, for example, pose a serious safety risk for swimmers and staff alike. Fortunately, Door Innovation’s patented jamb patch offers a unique and cost-effective solution.     

Corrosion & Pool Safety

Community pools, by nature, are in damp, humid environments. Over time, this moisture works its way into any metal door frames on the premise and dampens the back of the frame. If the jamb does not have enough time to dry, the fixture will corrode from the inside out. Rust often forms towards the bottom of the frame since gravity pulls the moisture down. Swimmers and staff may also track water through doorways, speeding up the corrosion process.    

Rust then poses several health and safety risks. Children may cut their feet on the corroded door’s jagged edges which can put them at risk of tetanus and other infections. Thus, community pools with corroded metal door frames may get written up for safety violations or fail their health inspection. Corrosion can also threaten the structural integrity of the commercial door frame and expose indoor pools to rodent or insect infestations.  

How the Jamb Patch Solves This Problem

jamb patchVisible corrosion means the jamb is already compromised, so if you see rust on the bottom of your commercial door frame, you should act fast. Fortunately, corrosion is repairable. All you need is one of Door Innovation’s patented jamb patches. Complete with step-by-step instructions, this kit will allow you to remove and repair the rusted portion of the frame, giving you a safe, corrosion-free door without the hassle or cost of replacing the entire fixture.

The kit is available in two sizes—4 inches and 21 inches—to accommodate your unique situation. There are also jamb patches with hinges if the corrosion has weakened the door’s center of rotation.

Don’t let corrosion compromise the safety of your community pool. Visit Door Innovation online today to order your jamb patch. You can also call (517) 518-8979 for more on this patented kit or to speak with one of their Brighton, MI-based representatives.