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How Good Readers Read November 1, 2018

Cambrian Park, Santa Clara County
How Good Readers Read, Cambrian Park, California

Reading is the cornerstone of learning and the key to success in the classroom and throughout life. However, strong reading skills extend much further than simply deciphering the words on the page. Teachers, reading tutors, and education experts know that good readers have advanced skills that allow them to comprehend what they learn and actively engage with the material, whether they’re reading for pleasure or school.

Critical Reading Skills Every Child Should Learn

Predicting & Creating Ideas

Rather than passively absorbing a text, good readers create their own ideas, make connections, and try to predict what the author is trying to say. This level of active engagement increases a student’s interest in the text, improving concentration and encouraging the reader to apply their critical thinking ability. Many reading tutors encourage students to make predictions about where the text is going, continually evaluating and comparing their thoughts as they go along.

Visualization Strategies

Translating the text into mental images can make abstract ideas more understandable, improving both engagement and comprehension. Visualization strategies are often easiest to learn reading fiction, which provides the opportunity to imagine the scene and characters, develop their own ideas, and bring the text to life.

Connecting Text to Their Experiences

Actively connecting the material to their own experiences and prior knowledge is a key component of strong reading skills. This process is what makes material meaningful, so reading tutors often ask students to fit the text into a broader context. For instance, they might ask how what they’ve read relates to previous lessons, whether they have experienced situations similar to those in a story, or if a book reminds them of anything.

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