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The Difference Between Home Renovations & Remodels October 2, 2018

Perinton, Monroe
The Difference Between Home Renovations & Remodels, Perinton, New York

If your home could use an update, it’s time to decide between renovating and remodeling services. Home renovations are often mistaken for home remodels and vice versa — despite the distinct differences between the two. Understanding these differences is key before embarking on any home improvement project because it helps you find the right contractor.

A Guide to Home Renovations & Remodels

Cosmetic Restorations

home renovationsHome renovations concern the improvement of an existing part of your house. A kitchen renovation, for example, could involve replacing the backsplash, countertops, and cabinetry hardware as well as putting down new flooring and updating the appliances and fixtures. None of these features change the layout of the room; they simply update its appearance.

Home renovations improve existing structures to keep them from deteriorating or detracting from the look and feel of a home. Many homeowners renovate their residences before they sell to attract potential buyers — even if it’s something as simple as painting a few rooms on the ground floor or replacing the tile in the bathroom.

Structural Changes

Home remodeling projects involve serious structural changes. Taking out a walk-in closet to expand the bathroom in a master bedroom qualifies as a home remodeling project — as does knocking down a wall to create a space between the kitchen and living room.

Other structural changes include creating rooms in basements for working out and crafting or building a sunroom on a second-floor balcony. Any home addition is a remodeling project — one that usually requires building permits and adherence to zoning laws and neighborhood association rules. Remodeling is generally more expensive than renovating because it concerns large-scale alterations instead of restorations.


Whether you require home renovations or remodeling services, count on the knowledgeable and talented team at Minnehan Design Build. Proudly beautifying homes throughout Monroe County, NY, since 1981, this outstanding company offers a full line of design and build services — all of which are customized to client specifications. Call (585) 223-9444 to schedule service today, or review the online gallery. Like the Facebook page for professional home improvement ideas and tips.

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