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3 Tips for Choosing Clothing for Your Children October 2, 2018

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3 Tips for Choosing Clothing for Your Children , Jacksonville East, Florida

The start of the new school year means parents need to find new, properly fitting clothing for the seasons ahead. Since children are always active and growing, shopping wisely will ensure the new items continue serving them for as long as possible. Before you head out to purchase T-shirts and outwear, keep these three tips in mind.

How to Select Clothes for Your Kids

1. Choose Quality Fabrics

Clothing is often made from synthetic materials like rayon and viscose, which shrink in the wash and don’t hold up well to excessive wear and tear. If you want your child’s clothes to withstand everything from recess to soccer practice, choose durable materials like cotton, wool, linen, nylon, and polyester. Polyester and nylon fabrics are best for active-wear, as they wick moisture away and allow for easy breathing. Meanwhile, cotton is soft and comfortable for an everyday T-shirt. 

2. Prioritize Comfort

t-shirtWhile you likely want your children to have a few nice outfits for photo ops and formal occasions, focus on their comfort for day-to-day items. Bring your kids along and ensure that everything from shoes to T-shirts fit right and feel good, perhaps with a little room to grow. Have them walk around, hop, and stretch a bit to ensure a seamless fit.

3. Work Together

Some children don’t care what their clothes look like, but most welcome the chance to express their personal style. Search for items together with your kids. If they have specific style preferences, compromise on selections that are fun and functional. For instance, you can let them choose their favorite prints from a range of quality materials.


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