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4 Interesting Facts About Lumber October 19, 2018

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4 Interesting Facts About Lumber, Port Jervis, New York

Lumber — or timber, as it’s called in other parts of the world — is a term that describes wood used for building and construction. The wood is cut lengthwise and is identified by its rectangular or square cross-sections. To learn more about this essential product, take a look at this list of facts.

What You May Not Know About Lumber

1. Content

LumberThe trees used to produce lumber are classified as hardwoods or softwoods. Hardwood trees — such as oak, maple, and birches — have leaves and shed in the winter. Softwood trees — such as balsa, pines, and redwoods — have needles instead of leaves and typically remain green throughout the year.

2. History

Lumber played a major role in the development of North America. Early settlers relied on lumber and logging as a livelihood, and railroads were built to expand their reach to new forests where more wood could be tapped. It’s believed that the first sawmill was built in York, Maine in 1623 — where white pine was most prevalent and the most utilized wood at the time.

3. Grading

Pieces of lumber are graded and grouped based on the amount and size of defects found in the wood. Types of defects include holes, splits, knots, and missing areas on the corners or edges. Defects affect not only the appearance but the strength of the wood. Higher grades of wood are known as select grades and have few, if any, defects.

4. Sustainability

In the United States, most trees that will be cut into lumber are grown in forests managed by a lumber company or on land leased from the government. These trees are strictly managed and must reach a certain height before they can be cut down and used for manufacturing.


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