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3 Benefits of Technology for Senior Living October 2, 2018

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3 Benefits of Technology for Senior Living  , Biron, Wisconsin

Even though seniors didn’t grow up using social media, technology can still benefit them in many ways. For instance, at a senior living facility, elderly residents can use a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or another digital device to connect with loved ones near and far, read the news, and learn new information. Here are just a few benefits of introducing technology to senior residents.


Residents in a senior living facility already have a myriad of opportunities for social interaction, whether they head to lunch with friends or attend an on-site class. However, they may understandably feel a little lonely without frequent visits from their loved ones outside of the center. Fortunately, residents can stay connected with beloved friends and family members by joining a social media platform and learning the ins and outs of text messaging and video calls.

Mental Stimulation

senior livingWith age, mental stimulation becomes increasingly important so as to promote a healthy, happy life and help stave off dementia. With the help of technology, seniors can play fun games, read engaging articles, and partake in other digital activities that stretch their brains. Seniors may want to play word or number games or write blog posts to help engage their cognitive skills.

Down Time

Many individuals in an assisted living facility may use wheelchairs or need to sit down for long periods of time. While regular physical activity is essential to health and wellness, seniors can remain entertained during much-needed rest periods with help from a tablet or another digital device. Whether they stream movies or visit with friends online, digital devices can help them have fun when they need to take time to relax.


The compassionate team from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin’s trusted senior living facility strives to help seniors utilize technology to suit their best interests. Located on over 50 square miles of lush woodland, Wellington Place at Biron also provides the best of both worlds by giving seniors the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature. For more information about the not-for-profit facility’s elderly care services, visit the website or call a friendly professional today at (715) 423-5600.

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