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3 Powerful Benefits of Day Care for Young Children October 29, 2018

East New York, Brooklyn
3 Powerful Benefits of Day Care for Young Children, Brooklyn, New York

Child care is necessary and convenient for parents, but will those early lessons help kids learn and grow? Although many parents wonder whether dropping their little ones off at an early learning center will pay off, early childhood education shows powerful results. Here are a few important benefits of enrolling your kids in child care. 

3 Reasons to Enroll Kids in Day Care

1. Help Kids Make Friends

Being able to make friends and play together is an important early skill for kids to have since socialization also helps kids have fun during the day. The ability to meet new people and make friends also streamlines formal education since kids will be familiar with the process. 

2. Encourage Early Learning 

child careWhen your little one attends day care, they will be exposed to a long list of early educational concepts, ranging from counting and recognizing colors to reading, doing math, and even mastering motor skills. While in child care, your little one will also have access to new toys and approaches to learning, bolstering early creativity and enjoyment. 

3. Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System

Often, parents worry that early friendships will encourage germ transmission since kids aren’t always adamant about washing their hands or covering their mouths when they cough. While it is true that child care increases the rates of colds and ear infections during the early years, studies have shown that kids who attend preschool before they are 2 and a half years old experience fewer illnesses later since their immune system is bolstered early. 


If your little one is eager to learn, consider enrolling them in God is Daycare Center in Brooklyn, NY. With a commitment to early education, safety, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, this trusted child care center will do everything they can to help your little one blossom into a happier, educated kid. To learn more about their program, visit their website or call (347) 512-8966.

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