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What to Know About Tipping Etiquette on Fishing Charters October 1, 2018

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What to Know About Tipping Etiquette on Fishing Charters, Juneau, Alaska

Whether you want to reel in halibut or another coveted catch, the chances of success increase when you hire a fishing charter for the adventure. Not only will the company provide high-quality gear, but a captain and deckhand will also answer questions and provide advice to help develop your skills. After the trip, it’s customary to leave a tip for the crew. Below is a brief explanation of gratuity guidelines to follow.  

What Factors Determine How Much to Tip on a Fishing Charter?

How Tips Are Divided 

Similar to dining in a restaurant, 15-20% of the trip fare is often used as a baseline range for tipping on a fishing charter. Some companies might state tipping recommendations on brochures or websites, which can also guide the decision. Depending on the length of the trip and where you travel, the crew might include a captain and one or two deckhands. In some situations, boat captains have set wages, while additional crew members might rely on tips. Inquire about how employees are paid for each excursion when deciding on gratuity. 

Whether the Experience Was Rewarding

fishing charterIdeally, the ultimate goal of a fishing charter is to have fun and catch fish while remaining safe and comfortable. Offering a tip above 20% shows you had a great time. Captains and deckhands who deliver impeccable service often share their knowledge of the local waterways, pick prime spots to cast lines, provide quality equipment, tie bait to leaders, take photos of passengers with their catch, and offer fish filleting and packaging.


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