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Why Is Ventilation Important for Your Roof Installation? October 24, 2018

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Why Is Ventilation Important for Your Roof Installation?, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Ventilation is an essential part of maintaining the longevity of your roof and reducing your monthly utility bills. If you’re planning a roof installation, your contractor should evaluate the current ventilation system in your home to determine if it will serve your new roof well. Below, find a comprehensive overview of the benefits of ventilation and how it can protect your roof and home.

3 Advantages of Roof Ventilation

1. Save Energy

The vents in your attic help prevent warm air from building up in your home by moving it outdoors. If the heat becomes trapped in your home, this forces your air conditioning system to work harder to maintain a cool temperature. This can decrease the energy efficiency of your home and drive up monthly utility bills.

2. Prevent Shingle Damage

roof installationHeat that rises up from the attic can cause cracks to form in your asphalt shingles. It can also lead to shingle shrinkage in which the nails holding them in place may pop out, and they can begin to curl. This type of damage leaves your roof more susceptible to leaks and shortens the lifespan of your roofing system, so having the ventilation assessed during your new roof installation can further protect your new shingles.

3. Avoid Excessive Moisture

When temperatures drop to below freezing, moisture condensation can collect in the attic and turn into water droplets. Without a proper ventilation system to remove the moisture, it will continue to build up and lead to a number of problems such as mildew and water spots on the walls. The water will also cause wood and other materials to warp, which deteriorates the structure of your roof.


When it’s time to schedule a roof installation for your home, turn to the team at Yutzy Construction in Cedar Falls, IA, and Black Hawk County. They will evaluate the ventilation system in your attic to support the energy efficiency of your home while protecting your new roof’s integrity. They also offer a wide range of additional services from storm damage roof repair to commercial roofing. Give them a call at (563) 203-4221 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website for more information about their full range of services.

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