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5 Causes of Women’s Hair Loss August 6, 2019

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5 Causes of Women’s Hair Loss, Rochester, New York

Dealing with hair loss can be a difficult emotional and physical challenge; as a woman, it’s crucial to know potential triggers. Many causes of women’s hair loss can be eliminated or managed once identified. By recognizing aspects of your lifestyle that may be affecting it, you can explore solutions to reduce the effects.

5 Triggers of Women’s Hair Loss

1. Poor Maintenance

Pulling your hair back tight can lead to women’s hair loss. How you care for your hair, such as oil treatments and heat, can also cause follicle inflammation and scarring that prevent hair from growing back. Avoid harmful products and treatments to preserve scalp health.

2. Genetics

If you have a family member that experienced hair loss, you may have inherited the gene. As hair follicles shrink, thin, brittle hairs will grow in others’ place. These break and fall out more easily, leading to patching and thin spots.

3. Lifestyle

Poor diet and not getting enough sleep are common causes of women’s hair loss. Your hair needs various vitamins and minerals to remain healthy; when you don’t eat well, you deprive it of iron, B12, D, A, zinc, and other essentials. Eating junk food and not exercising can also lead to health issues — like heart disease — that increase hair loss.

4. Stress & Hormones

womens-hair-lossHormonal imbalances from medical conditions, genetics, and other issues can limit hair growth, gradually leading to thinning. Stress, similarly, can affect scalp health and lead to other poor lifestyle choices that negatively contribute to women’s hair loss.

5. Surgery, Illness, & Medication

Medical conditions — such as endocrine complications and autoimmune diseases — can create hormonal imbalances, and accompanying medications can also perpetuate women’s hair loss. Those for cancer, depression, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular issues affect hair growth. Surgery also creates imbalances in the body during healing.


If you’re dealing with women’s hair loss, New U in Rochester, NY, offers solutions. They understand how it can affect your confidence, so they provide various surgical and non-surgical hair replacement treatments — all of which you can explore on their website. Call (585) 272-7320 today to schedule a consultation and connect on Facebook for regular news and updates.

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