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Do You Need Auto Glass Replacement or Repair? October 22, 2018

West Plains, Howell
Do You Need Auto Glass Replacement or Repair?, West Plains, Missouri

From driving over rough terrain to kids playing too close to the parked car in the driveway, there are plenty of ways auto glass can become covered in nicks, scratches, and chips. The damaged surface could make it difficult to see clearly when driving, which is why you should invest in car window replacement or repair immediately. To determine what’s best for your situation, below is a closer look at both solutions.

Repair Small Chips & Cracks in Auto Glass Immediately 

If you spot a chip in auto glass, addressing the issue immediately could save your investment. Otherwise, dirt and moisture could seep into the glass and cause more issues. Often, technicians can repair damaged areas that are up to three inches long. They typically inject resin directly into the chip or crack and then apply heat to cure it. Heating the solution also helps it expand, ensuring every area is covered. This method might cause slight distortions in glass, so auto glass repairs should be made when cracks aren’t in the driver’s line of vision.

Invest in Replacement for Cracks Near Framing

auto glassEven when cracks are small, location goes a long way in determining whether repair or replacement is in order. If the damage is near the window frame, for example, it’s time for a new installation. Because of the strain placed on this part of the glass, one crack could quickly splinter into many. If cracks are large, it could cause blind spots when driving, or the installation could shatter. Repairing the glass would cause too many distortions to drive safely, so replace it to prevent future problems.


Whether you need auto glass repair to remove small scratches or a windshield replacement after a collision, the technicians at MO-Ark Glass, serving motorists in Howell County, MO, are available to help. The auto glass specialists have the tools and training to tackle any size job, which means they will restore the safety and value of your ride. To schedule auto glass installation or repair in the West Plains area, call (417) 257-2040. An associate is happy to answer questions about methods used to install new car windows. Visit the company online for location details.

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