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4 Common Questions About Planning Your Home Gym October 18, 2018

Crescent Springs, Covington
4 Common Questions About Planning Your Home Gym, Covington, Kentucky

Having a home gym means you don’t need to drive somewhere before work to get in your daily exercise. This convenience may make you more inclined to hit the treadmill or lift weights when you have spare time. Before you begin taking advantage of this awesome idea you have to build it. Below are four frequently asked questions about creating a home gym to help you make the fitness spot of your dreams.

Create Your Dream Home Gym With the Help of These FAQ

Where Should I Put the Gym?

Basement or garage spaces are top destinations for personal gyms because they provide privacy with ample square footage. However, spare bedrooms or offices can also work well, so long as they are big enough to hold the fitness gear you want.

What Equipment Should I Install?

When you visit a gym, what machines do you frequent? Consider adding this equipment to your home gym along with simple gear like barbells, a bench, a yoga mat, and foam rollers. 

Should I Put in Special Flooring?

home gym Cincinnati OHInstalling a layer of cushioning floor mats can reduce the impact on your joints during activities like lifting weights. Plus, gym flooring also dampens sound so you can crank up the music and get in your work out groove.  

How Should I Layout the Equipment?

There should be plenty of room to safely use each machine while also offering some floor space for warm-ups, cool-downs, stretching, and weight work. Keep your favorite activities in mind while arranging your equipment and allow for space between machines to maneuver.  Also, ensure you have some storage options like a rack for barbells and a cabinet for rollers to keep the area neat and minimize the risk of tripping.


If you’re interested in sourcing equipment and design ideas for a home gym, contact the experts at Exercise & Leisure Equipment Co in Hamilton County, OH. Their extensive inventory includes steppers, treadmills, plates, and ellipticals to help you create a fitness space you’ll love. To learn about their available equipment and installations call (513) 531-7777. Visit the website for information on their more than 69 years in service and why customers love that their technicians are factory-trained and -certified.

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