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4 Delicious Reasons to Try Fried Rangoon October 19, 2018

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4 Delicious Reasons to Try Fried Rangoon, Fairbanks, Alaska

Looking for a delicious takeout meal? It’s time to branch out from the ordinary and try some tasty fried Rangoon. This popular type of Chinese cuisine is made of flaked crab meat, cream cheese, green onions, sugar, and wonton wrappers. With every bite, you are sure to satisfy your palate. This guide will give you just some of the many reasons to try this Chinese food. 

Why Try Fried Rangoon?

1. Exciting Flavor Combinations

When you eat a delicious meal, you remember the flavors more than anything. Fried Rangoon doesn’t disappoint. This Chinese cuisine combines delicious crab and smooth cream cheese, tossing in herbs and spices to create its unique flavor. After a full day of eating your usual meals, this treat can spice up your taste buds as you indulge in your takeout meal. 

2. Shareable Bites

chinese cuisineOne of the best aspects of fried Rangoon is that it’s a shareable dish. When ordering with friends, you can place this dish in the middle of the table, each taking pieces as you enjoy your meal together. Pair it with a variety of other appetizers from your local Chinese restaurant to make the meal even more communal. 

3. Healthy Ingredients

While it is fried, this Chinese cuisine contains nutritious ingredients. The crab will provide extra protein, and Rangoon generally contains a combination of vegetables. Depending on the ingredients the restaurant uses, these treats can also be lower in calories than other menu items. 

4. Affordable Takeout

You don’t need to break the bank to get a delicious meal. When you order fried Rangoon, you can combine it with other items to create a delicious and affordable meal. This cuisine is also available for delivery, so you can enjoy comfort, convenience, and savings. 


For quality fried Rangoon and other types of Chinese cuisine, visit Bamboo Panda in Fairbanks, AK. This quality Chinese restaurant offers takeout and dine-in service for their valued local customers. With delicious lunch specials and a comprehensive menu, their chefs are committed to avoiding preservatives and using vegetable oil in all of their items. To view their menu and learn more about their restaurant, visit their website. You can also call them at (907) 458-8886 or (907) 458-8885.

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