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How Do Lightbox & LED Backlit Signs Differ? October 25, 2018

East Farmingdale, Babylon
How Do Lightbox & LED Backlit Signs Differ?, Babylon, New York

Choosing an outdoor sign for your business can be a challenge. You can purchase anything from an illuminated sign to an outdoor banner to a more traditional sign; there are a wide variety of options. Lightbox and LED backlit signs are two outdoor sign types that are becoming increasingly popular. Here is a quick guide to lightbox and LED backlit signs, including the difference between the two and the unique advantages of each.

What’s the Difference Between Lightbox & LED Backlit Signs?

Light box signs use a frame to create their signature box-like structure. The outer edges are generally covered in solid pieces of material, while the front and back are fitted with thinner sheets of film that let the interior light shine through. These outer sheets are where the company’s name and graphics are displayed. 

LED backlit, instead of utilizing a frame, layer pieces of material on top of one another to create individual components. These components are lined with LED lights, which create a subtle glow and add definition around each letter. 

What Are the Advantages of Eachoutdoor sign?

An advantage of lightbox signs is that they tend to be brighter than LED backlit signs. Brighter signs are easier to read and will help your business stand out. While not as bright, LED backlit signs are known for their durability. They can withstand harsh weather and will last for years. Both lightbox and LED backlit signs are completely customizable and can be designed to fit any company’s unique branding. 


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