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3 Common Types of Excavation People Need the Most October 25, 2018

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3 Common Types of Excavation People Need the Most, Bayfield, Wisconsin

Whether you plan to add a pool to the backyard or erect a new office complex in a popular part of town, excavation is an important aspect of most construction projects. Using heavy-duty machinery, trained technicians can move the earth for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Below is a look at a few projects that require different excavation methods.   

3 Popular Types of Construction Excavation

1. Basement Excavation

If building construction includes adding rooms below ground level, excavation contractors will first prepare the site. They consider subsoil condition, the scope of the project, the location of groundwater, and additional factors to determine which methods to use. Backhoe loaders are often used to dig into the earth and remove soil, creating a massive hole in the ground. Backfilling materials might be used to reinforce the opening, which could prevent problems when the foundation and walls are constructed.  

2. Trench Excavation

Bayfield-Wisconsin-excavationExcavation specialists also dig trenches just below the ground surface or deeper, where the length exceeds the depth. Shallow trenches, for example, are less than six meters deep but can extend for several miles. Backhoes and bulldozers are used to remove earth, as well as machines specifically designed for trenching. Skimmers, for example, are used to excavate earth in long lines to create accurate tunnels. Power lines, water pipes, drain fields, septic tanks, and sewer equipment are often installed in the trenches. 

3. Rock Excavation

Large rocks and boulders can make it difficult, or impossible, to construct roads, bridges, and buildings in specific areas. To remove the impediments, excavation contractors use explosives or drilling machines to blast apart the stones. After clearing the land of large obstructions, technicians use bulldozers, with plows and additional blade attachments, to remove vegetation and any other obstacles.


If you are about to embark on a project that requires excavation, leave work in the qualified hands of the technicians at C & W Trucking. Providing clients throughout Bayfield County, WI, with demolition, land clearing, and excavating services since 1968, you can trust the team at this fully insured company to deliver quality work. To schedule a consultation in Bayfield, or other nearby communities, call (715) 779­-5628. A representative is more than happy to answer service questions. You can also check out the team on YouTube to see how they’ll help with your project. 

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