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How to Check for Wind Damage on Your Roof October 4, 2018

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How to Check for Wind Damage on Your Roof, Rochester, New York

It takes mere seconds for high winds to rip shingles off your roof. If you do not schedule repairs from local roofing contractors, the resulting holes can deteriorate further and cause bigger problems such as water leaks and mold growth. Help your roof last as long as it should by knowing how to spot signs of wind damage.

How to Look for Signs of Wind-Related Roof Damage

Inspect the Perimeter

Walk around the perimeter of your home after a serious storm to look for shingle pieces. Wind lifts shingles from your roof, causing debris to fly. A dislocated tree branch, for example, can easily hit your roof during a storm to dislodge and break shingles. Branches and other sizable pieces of flying debris can also damage your chimney flashing. If you notice shingle bits around your home, call your roofing contractors to perform an inspection and make repairs before leaks and other problems occur.

Check the Gutters

roofing contractorsHave a friend or family member hold a sturdy ladder so you can check your gutters for shingle granule accumulations. Older roofs are particularly susceptible to granule loss because their shingles may have started deteriorating. If you notice copious granules in your gutters, remove them as well as leaves and other debris. Clean gutters help rainwater flow off your roof, which is especially crucial if it rains before your appointment with local roofing contractors.

Look for Interior Damage

Since missing and broken shingles make it easy for rainwater to infiltrate the underlayment and leak into your home, perform an interior inspection once the storm passes. Check your walls and ceilings for brown and yellow spots that indicate water damage. Also inspect your attic for water spots, sunlight streaming through the rafters, and mold and mildew infestations. If your attic features mold and mildew growth from rainwater leaks, it will have a musty odor. Depending on the severity of the infestation, you may need mold remediation services in addition to roofing contractor help.


Rely on the talented roofing contractors at Atlas Roofing to make any necessary repairs and replacements following high winds. The Better Business Bureau®-accredited home improvement company puts over 40 years of industry experience into every job and proudly serves Monroe County, NY, and the surrounding areas. Call (585) 469-4214 today for a free estimate, or visit the roofing contractors online for service information. Get more tips on Facebook.

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