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What Happens When You Keep Postponing an Oil Change? August 6, 2019

Canarsie, Brooklyn
What Happens When You Keep Postponing an Oil Change?, Brooklyn, New York

While auto maintenance tasks can sometimes feel like a hassle, they are crucial for keeping your vehicle in excellent condition. Oil changes, in particular, are some of the most impactful services to remember since they safeguard your engine. Here is a guide to why keeping on a schedule for oil changes is so vital.

What Is the Purpose of Engine Oil?

The main job of the engine oil is to provide lubrication for the engine’s internal parts. As your car moves, the components will grind up against each other unless the oil is there to prevent the friction. Modern optimized oils even come with additives in some cases to improve engine performance and let it run at the same level while using less gas. 

How Often Should You Get an Oil Change?

oil changeWhile many drivers are familiar with the old rule of thumb that you need to have an oil change every three months or 3,000 miles — whichever comes first — that maxim has become outdated. With advances in both engine technology and oil performance, you can now aim for something closer to six months or every 7,500 miles. For an exact number, it’s best to consult your Owner’s Manual or have a discussion with your mechanic. 

What Happens If You Keep Postponing?

If you keep putting off your oil change, the lubricant will start breaking down, turning into a sludge of grime. Without any lubrication, your engine components will create tremendous friction, not only leading to damaging abrasion but also constant overheating. As a result, your engine will become hot and filthy to the point that it will start operating less effectively. Eventually, it can become so damaged that you’ll be forced to contemplate an expensive repair or even replacing the part altogether. 


If it’s been a lengthy period since your last oil change, head to the top car tune-up specialist, Puma's Auto Care, in Brooklyn, NY. With over 17 years of experience, the certified mechanics will not only swap out your oil but help you create a schedule so you can be consistent in the future. If you have any questions you want to ask one of the auto technicians, just call (718) 272-6306 or visit their website

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