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Top 3 Fire Prevention & Safety Tips to Keep in Mind September 28, 2018

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Top 3 Fire Prevention & Safety Tips to Keep in Mind, Hubbard, Texas

Residential fires are responsible for several home insurance claims every year. For this reason, it’s crucial to make sure you have taken the proper steps to protect your family and property from a potential disaster. With October being Fire Prevention Month, there’s no better time to go over these tips for preventing fires and staying safe during an emergency.

3 Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Family & Property Safe From Fire Breakouts

1. Have an Escape Plan Ready

In the event of a fire, your number one focus should be on keeping your family safe. It’s vital to have an escape plan ready long before you’re faced with a fire so everyone in your household knows how to get out of the house if necessary. Make sure your plan includes evacuation routes for each room and practice it often. This will help you commit it to memory and eliminate panic in an emergency situation. The plan should also contain a designed meeting place that is located a safe enough distance away from your home.

2. Install & Maintain Smoke Detectors

home insuranceOne of the most effective ways to prevent a home insurance claim due to fire is to install smoke detectors throughout your living space. At a minimum, there should be one on every floor of the house. To ensure they work as intended if a fire breaks out, they should never be placed near heating ducts or cold air returns, as the airflow in these areas can keep an alarm from detecting smoke. Additionally, it’s essential to change their batteries once a year and check them regularly to make sure they remain connected.

3. Learn How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Having a fire extinguisher accessible can help prevent small fires from turning into big ones. However, it will only be useful if you know how to correctly use it. Make certain you’ve gone over the instructions carefully and feel confident handling a fire extinguisher prior to an emergency. Keep one mounted in your kitchen, garage, and any workshops that use a great deal of electricity.


Keeping these fire prevention and safety tips in mind will reduce your financial risk and can save lives. According to the agents at Texas Brand Insurance, Fire Prevention Month also provides a reminder to review your home insurance policy to make sure you have adequate coverage. Their team of professionals will help you find the most suitable products to protect you from catastrophic events. Offering over three decades of industry experience, they can guide you through the process of customizing a policy unique to your needs. Call the Hubbard, TX, agency at (254) 576-1180 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website to learn more about choosing the right home insurance coverage.

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