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4 Commonly Asked Questions About Owning Leather Furniture October 16, 2018

Brownsville, Brooklyn
4 Commonly Asked Questions About Owning Leather Furniture, Brooklyn, New York

If you’re in the market for leather furniture, you may be wondering which styles will look best in your home. You might also have some questions for the furniture store about leather fabric and how to care for it. Here’s a brief guide to help you make the right purchase.

4 FAQ About Leather Furniture

Is Leather Hard to Maintain?

High-quality leather is easy to care for, and spills can be wiped away as they occur. Use a leather conditioner every six to twelve months to keep the material from drying out or incurring water damage. Just remember to never use harsh cleaning products such as detergents and soaps; instead, consult the furniture store staff to determine the best products for the fabric.

How Long Will Leather Last?

Furniture Store Leather furniture will last several decades with proper maintenance. As the fabric ages, the color will slightly darken to produce an attractive patina.

Is Leather Furniture Durable Enough for Children & Pets?

As long as your pet or child isn’t chewing or scratching the fabric, leather furniture is durable and can handle normal wear. You can opt for protected leather, which has an additional finish coat applied to protect it from wear and tear.

Does Leather Get Too Hot or Cold?

Because leather is a natural, breathable fabric, it adapts to your body heat once seated. If the room temperature is cold inside your home, the leather will cool. If it’s winter and the heat is on, the leather fabric will be warm to the touch. If you’re sitting on the furniture, it will adjust to a comfortable temperature for your body.


When you’re ready to purchase beautiful leather furnishings, visit Lindo Home Furniture in Brooklyn, NY. The luxury furniture store has a large inventory of stylish, high-quality designs for every room in your home. Whether you want living room furniture, or bedroom and dining room sets, their interior design team can help you choose the right looks for your home decor. Call (718) 346-0300 to inquire about financing options or visit them online to learn more about the furniture store.

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