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How the Dog Boarding Industry Has Evolved October 1, 2018

McKinney, Collin
How the Dog Boarding Industry Has Evolved, McKinney, Texas

The dog boarding industry has seen some dramatic changes over the past few decades, thanks to the changing role that pets play in a family dynamic. Over time, canines have evolved from hunting and guard dogs to loyal best friends that receive love and affection daily. Below is a bit more about how dog boarding has adjusted to accommodate furry family members.

The Evolution of the Dog Boarding Industry

The Role of the Family Pet

Dogs used to be treated very differently than they are today. Pets may have served a purpose, such as protecting the family. They were typically kept in the yard, an outdoor dog run, or a small kennel. Many families didn’t let their dogs into the house at all, while others only let them in on special occasions.

As people started building more intimate relationships with their animals, they brought them into the home. Dogs started being viewed as a family member who lived, ate, and slept inside with everyone else. As people become closer to their pets, the boundaries blurred further. Now many people treat their pets as children, sleeping with them in their beds, feeding them at the table, and spending most of their time with them.

The Industry’s Response

dog boardingBack when family pets were kept outdoors, pet boarding services were purely practical. The boarding company provided a safe place for a dog to sleep, while keeping them exercised, fed, and groomed. Now that pets are more like children, pampering is expected. People want to know their dog is happy and taken care of while they’re gone. Canines get all the comforts of home at a dog hotel, and they enjoy plenty of love. They also receive plenty of playtime with other animals and with the employees.


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