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How Bail Bonds Agencies Benefit Communities October 22, 2018

Silver Hill, Davidson
How Bail Bonds Agencies Benefit Communities, Silver Hill, North Carolina

A bail bonds specialist doesn’t only help their clients navigate the judicial system while avoiding liquidation of their assets. The services they provide can also have a trickle effect that impacts other residents of the community. Below are a few ways bonds companies are valuable fixtures in their neighborhoods.   

How Bail Bonds Specialists Serve Their Communities 

Reduce Crime & Violence

After the defendant pays a percentage of the bail amount to a bail bondsman, the bondsman uses collateral, such as the person’s house or anything else of value, to secure the remainder. Once a criminal is released from police custody on bail, any infractions or skipped court dates could compromise the terms of their release. In an effort to get back the collateral the bonds agent is holding, a criminal is much more likely to abide by the law, which helps keep the streets safer.  

Locate Criminals

bail bondsAfter signing a bail contract, a bail bonds agent is responsible for the defendant’s appearance in court. This means the bond company only gets back their fees when the person makes every court appearance. If someone doesn’t show up, an agency will take painstaking efforts to determine their whereabouts. Agents who act as bail enforcement officers can apprehend defendants to force them to appear in court. 

Reunite Families

One of the main goals of a bail agent is to expedite the legal process for their clients. By securing bail, a defendant doesn’t have to sit in jail waiting for future court appearances. This means they can get back to their families and jobs faster. This is especially beneficial in homes with children or seniors who rely on defendants for support.  


If you need help securing bail, the bail bonds specialists at Allied Bonding Company are available to offer discreet, reliable assistance. Serving clients in North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad region for over 15 years, the agents have the experience to help you understand state laws regarding your case. To discover how the agents can help keep you out of jail in Lexington or the surrounding communities, call (336) 239-2270, or visit the company online for service details.