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3 Ways to Protect Your Personal Injury Case on Social Media January 9, 2019

Boston, Suffolk
3 Ways to Protect Your Personal Injury Case on Social Media, Boston, Massachusetts

Social media keeps the world connected. While this is beneficial in many ways, it poses potential drawbacks to anyone involved in a personal injury case. Whatever you post on these platforms is a matter of public record, so it could be used against you in a court of law. Also, it’s common for an insurance company to use a post as proof for not paying you what you deserve. Below are a few ways to protect the integrity of your situation on social media.

How to Avoid Self-Incrimination

1. Don't Say Anything About the Case

Don't post anything to social media about your personal injury claim or the accident that precipitated it. It can be tempting to want to share such life events on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, whether to vent frustration or seek sympathy. However, it’s crucial to the case that you avoid all platforms until the issue is resolved. Even an offhand comment, such as "I only took my eyes off the road for a second," could cast you in a negative light.

2. Stop Posting Pictures

personal injuryEven seemingly harmless photos can be misconstrued and become incriminating. For instance, if an insurer or lawyer find a picture of a night out with friends, they may use it as evidence that you’re not as hurt as you claimed. Moreover, if you’re seeking damages for pain and suffering, any seemingly happy or uplifting images will contradict that argument even if it was fleeting or there is good reason for it. 

3. Don't Accept Any New Friends

If you have a private social media account—which is always a good idea—don’t accept any new friend requests until your case is resolved. Opposing counsel, insurers, or their representatives might try to gain access to your personal information and see what you're posting regarding the incident. Treat such alerts as suspicious until you settle the claim.


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