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3 Essential Fall Lawn Care Tips September 25, 2020

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3 Essential Fall Lawn Care Tips, Cromwell, Connecticut

With temperatures cooling off and leaves starting to change color, it can be tempting to assume that you no longer need to worry much about lawn care. In reality, however, what you do during the fall will have a major impact on how well your grass grows in the spring. The following tasks should remain a top priority before your grass goes completely dormant for winter.

Top 3 Lawn Care Tips for Fall

1. Keep Mowing

lawn careThough your grass may be growing slower, lawn mowing should be continued as needed throughout the fall. Keep grass between 2.5 to 3 inches in height to prevent fungal growth and root damage. Better still, lawn mowing can be an excellent way to get rid of fallen leaves — with your mower turning them into a nice mulch for your grass.

2. Aerate

Core aeration is essential for preventing soil compaction and ensuring that your grass’s roots receive adequate water, fertilizer, and oxygen. Fall is generally considered the best time to aerate your lawn in cooler climates because the roots continue to grow during this time. It also prepares the soil for other essential lawn care tasks.

3. Apply Fertilizer & Seeds

After aerating your lawn, you should apply fertilizer. Fall fertilization strengthens the roots and helps them store nutrients in preparation for the spring growing season. These extra nutrients can also keep roots from freezing during the winter. Follow fertilization with over-seeding in bald patches of your lawn. With a little watering, these seeds will help fill in your lawn when spring arrives.


With adequate lawn care during the fall, you can have confidence that your yard will look beautiful throughout the year. If you need help with these property maintenance essentials, turn to The Lawn Surgeon in Middlesex County, CT. In business since 1985, their expert staff can handle both basic yard care needs and complicated landscaping challenges. To learn more about their services, visit them online or call (860) 635-1127.

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