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3 Factors to Consider When Planning Event Wi-Fi September 28, 2018

New York, New York
3 Factors to Consider When Planning Event Wi-Fi, New York, New York

Giving guests internet access at an event can completely transform the experience, and it may be essential for presentations, displays, and interactive components. A variety of factors can affect event Wi-Fi, and it’s important to keep them in mind when making plans. Going through the checklist below will ensure you have reliable service and enough speed to give all your vendors and guests the connectivity they need.

What to Keep in Mind When Setting Up Event Wi-Fi

1. How Will People Use It?

To properly determine what speeds you’ll need, make a list of how people will be using the internet. Is it for personal browsing purposes? Will they be updating social media or streaming video? Vendors may need it to connect with apps and interactive installations. The more data that will be uploaded and downloaded will dictate the event Wi-Fi speeds; make a list and speak with your internet service provider for further advice.

2. What Equipment Is Available?

event-wifi-challenger-broadbandYou can purchase the highest internet speeds for your event Wi-Fi, but if the facility is only providing dated routers and other hardware, you won’t be able to take advantage of it. Consider renting high-powered routers, range extenders, and hotspots, so you’re getting the most from the connection and guests have access to the best speeds.

3. What Support Do You Have?

It’s best to always have assistance at your side to tackle any issues with the event Wi-Fi. If the venue doesn’t have its own IT specialist, consider hiring a wireless engineer or technician from your internet service provider to be onsite. They’ll provide all the support you need, can help with setup, and ensure that everything is in place for the best functionality.


Challenger Broadband is New York City’s go-to resource for internet service. They understand how important office and event Wi-Fi is and provide comprehensive services to give you the speeds and reliability you need. They also offer 24/7 IT support and can assist with VoIP and fixed wireless installation. If you have an upcoming event, call (646) 723-9999. Explore a full breakdown of their services online.

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