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3 Tips to Help Your Young Driver Adjust to Highway Driving September 27, 2018

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3 Tips to Help Your Young Driver Adjust to Highway Driving, Dothan, Alabama

Driving on the highway for the first time can be intimidating. The speed of the cars combined with the closeness of the lanes could instantly cause a loss of focus for inexperienced drivers and jeopardize the safety of those around them. If there’s a young driver in the family who’s ready to begin highway driving, consider the following three tips to help simplify the transition and to avoid the need for auto repair.

3 Highway Tips for New Drivers

1. Stay in the Right Lane

There’s no reason for young drivers to be in the left lane until they’ve adjusted to moving at a higher speed. Staying in the right lane will keep the passing lane clear for those who are slightly faster and could provide an opportunity for the driver to practice maintaining a single speed. This will also allow them to interact with cars entering the highway and learn how to respond to keep them and their vehicle safe.

2. Be Aware of Surroundings

auto repairDriving on a back-country road is completely different than driving on a highway. Not only are there a multitude of constantly moving factors, but there are route options along the way that also have to be taken into account. Encourage your driver to develop a wide range of focus, such as checking over their shoulder and looking in the rearview mirror, so that they can continue to monitor the road ahead while being totally aware of their surroundings.   

3. Always Use Turn Signals

It doesn’t matter if there are no cars currently on the highway. Having your driver use their turn signal every time they change a lane will help them develop a habit that could prevent catching other cars off their guard. This is the only way to communicate with drivers on any type of road and could create the opening they need to make a safe transition. Otherwise, the distance between vehicles might get overestimated and cause a dent in the bumper that requires a trip to the auto repair shop.


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