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What Is the Difference Between Carpenter & Fire Ants? October 22, 2018

Statesboro, Bulloch
What Is the Difference Between Carpenter & Fire Ants?, Statesboro, Georgia

Ants can be difficult to identify because they are tiny and often look similar to each other. By knowing some of their key characteristics, you don’t have to get up close to scrutinize which species is wreaking havoc on your property. Carpenter ants and fire ants, however, are among the most common for causing a home infestation. Here’s a brief guide to knowing which type of ant is bugging you before calling for pest control.

How to Distinguish Carpenter From Fire Ants

Carpenter ants and fire ants can be set apart by their appearance, behavior, and nesting patterns. Carpenter ants are black, brown, or a combination of orange and black, and they come in a variety of sizes. Fire ants, on the other hand, have a reddish-brown hue and prefer to stay outdoors, where they nest in mounds on the ground. Since carpenter ants build their nests in moist wood, they’re often mistaken for termites but are considered to be less destructive. Both ant species leave behind a pile of something that resembles sawdust, otherwise known as frass. Carpenter ants and fire ants leave a painful sting when threatened, but the latter is more aggressive.     

Why Calling Pest Control is Crucial

pest controlSome ants do not cause harm to people, unlike other insects and pests that carry a host of viruses and diseases. But if they come in a swarm, that’s when an infestation turns into a problem. Carpenter ants become a nuisance when they take residence inside your home and hollow out your wood to build their colonies. Even if fire ants live outside, they can forage for food and water inside your home and are quick to bite whenever they’re threatened. Stings from a fire ant can even cause an allergic reaction in some cases, leaving a sore white pustule on the skin. Call pest control to pinpoint ant colonies on your property to have these eradicated safely and efficiently.

What You Can Do to Avoid an Infestation

Ants typically swarm over food, so avoid leaving out scraps and unwashed dishes in the sink. Keep your leftovers in tightly sealed containers or stored inside the refrigerator to avoid attracting any insects in general. Seal small cracks and other possible entry points of the ants in your home, and use barriers like salt, talc, or chalk to keep them out.


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