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7 Common Myths About the Brazilian Butt Lift November 9, 2018

Chelsea, Manhattan
7 Common Myths About the Brazilian Butt Lift, Manhattan, New York

In the plastic surgery realm, where implants are king, a minimally invasive procedure for butt enhancement has gained traction in the past few years. The Brazilian Butt Lift has become a popular option due to its two-for-one procedure, which eliminates fat elsewhere on your body and injects it into your butt for a fuller, more proportionate overall figure. With newfound prominence, however, comes plenty of hearsay that argues against the surgery. To make the best possible choice for your plastic surgery needs, cut through the noise by learning the facts about this butt enhancement option. 

Debunking the Myths About the Brazilian Butt Lift

1. A Brazilian Butt Lift Is Just for Making Your Butt Really Big

While most people are interested in this procedure to make their butt larger and rounder, the results extend beyond your backside. A plastic surgeon will analyze your figure when planning the procedure to ensure that they boost your overall shape, both in deciding where to take the fat from and how much should be injected. Not only will you be enhancing your backside, but other assets, like your waist or thighs, can also see results by altering your proportions.

2. The Surgery Is Too Risky

Like all surgeries, a Brazilian Butt Lift has some risk, but it’s important to remind yourself that this is a calculated risk your surgeon is trained to minimize. They will address the potential complications with you pre-surgery, as well as advise you of steps you can take, like maintaining your general health and not smoking, to avoid those risks.

3. The Payoff Isn’t Worth the Risk or Recovery

Brazilian butt liftThis myth stems from the subjectivity of a person’s own results from the surgery, but keep in mind that this procedure is minimally invasive, making recovery time shorter than butt implants. This procedure also gives you more natural results than butt implants, as the surgeon can manipulate exactly how much fat they inject. As long as you follow the doctor’s orders for recovery, you should achieve the results you want. 

4. You Don’t Have Enough Fat to Work With

Often people believe that they are too petite for this type of augmentation because they don’t have enough body fat to transfer for optimal results. This is rarely true, and if it is, there are other procedures to choose from to get the backside you want.

While a petite person won’t have much body fat to work with, they don’t need as much fat to get results either. Again, it’s all about modifying your proportions to get the best figure possible. 

5. Liposuction Loosens Your Skin

This common misconception about liposuction is only a temporary side effect of the procedure with a skilled plastic surgeon at the helm. While the areas where fat is removed may be a tad loose immediately after but will bounce back in a few weeks. Like the rest of a Brazilian Butt Lift, your body needs time to recover from surgery in order to get the outcome you want. 

6. Gaining Weight Post-Surgery Will Ruin Your Results

Remember, this is your body’s natural fat providing the added volume in your butt. Once injected, the fat there behaves as it would if it initially existed there. When you gain weight, your body will deposit the added fat cells, making your butt bigger. If you lose weight, your butt will likely get smaller. Either way, your body will most likely maintain your new post-surgery proportions.

7. Gaining Weight Before a Brazilian Butt Lift Will Yield the Best Results

On the other side of the coin, gaining weight before getting a Brazilian Butt Lift will not help your cause either—it could even have negative results. Once again, this procedure is about enhancing your overall figure. Best results will come if you’re at your ideal weight, so the surgeon can have a precise understanding of your figure. From there, they can make educated decisions for how much fat will be needed and where to remove fat to best benefit your physique.